Kinshasa Wedding Photographer

Thank you for being here! If you’re getting married in Kinshasa, I’d love to be your photographer!

In these following words I will try to tell you what is my vision when I photograph each story, so you can know if the experience I want to give you is all you can dream of or more.

I'm not really looking to be a vendor, I'm looking to capture the wedding from the perspective of a good friend who will be with you on that beautiful day. I get very involved in the story of each couple. I'm really convinced that it's only possible to do a good job if you really care. If you really listen.

So if I end up documenting your wedding, we'll end up being friends. That way the whole process is different, I feel like I'm taking pictures of friends instead of clients and that changes everything.

Kinshasa Wedding Photographer

It's really all about your story and your experience! Your wedding goes much further than just taking pictures, that day is not for posing in front of the camera or forced smiles. The meaning should go much further.

I know you probably haven't been a bride or groom before, so I try to be as helpful as possible. If your experience is more intense and beautiful. Your photos will reflect who you really are.


I am very inspired by real and authentic moments, meeting couples that allow me to capture your day in such a natural way is really amazing and I am very grateful for that.

With hundreds of weddings I may be able to give you some good advice, like how to save, what to do differently, but most importantly, how to make the most of the day so that the overall experience is more meaningful and profound.

Couple in swing at Baños Ecuador


I love that couples break traditions and do things their own way. Because that's the way it should be. There are many ways to get married and whatever makes your day feel like your own, I am here to help you every step of the way.


I will try to photograph how it felt, capturing all those unscripted moments. No awkward poses. It's more about documenting.

That day I will literally take thousands of pictures of every moment. I will choose at least 600 photos to deliver, although to be honest, I usually end up delivering more.

Of course, I always do the "formal" family portraits. Especially with the people you love the most because believe me, they are very important too.


I'd be happy to get on the train. Click here to ask for a quote to receive our prices and check availability for your wedding.