Don’t forget why you are reading this

let’s take a step back and see how we got here. You are here because the two of you met and at some point you realized, there is no one better to create a team. That’s really amazing and worth celebrating.

Talk about all the traditions and beliefs involved in marriage and follow those that you really value and feel in your heart that you want to live.

The wedding should be a reflection of who you are and what you believe. Discuss and reflect on what the wedding day means. Create a meaning of your own. Then the whole experience will change, it will be deeper and more meaningful. And the more you enjoy that day, the better the pictures will be. It’s that simple.

Traditions and beliefs

I know it can be a little scary, but it's totally worth it. It creates an opportunity to say out loud in front of your family and friends all those things you appreciate and are grateful of the one you love. And that's amazing. How many times do we do something like that in this life?

Don’t forget to write them on a notebook or sheet of paper, avoid reading them from your cell phone or Tablet.

Write your own vows

Speech at a wedding

Don’t forget the speeches

Anyone who you love can speak, ask a close friend, a sister, a grandfather. Even the bride and groom can say a few words. Remember, there are no established rules.

Outdoor ceremonies are my favorite, but if you are going to be in direct sunlight it can be a bit tiring. Midday is not only the hottest time of day, but it can also leave strong shadows right under your eyes and noses that are not very pleasant. The ideal time would be between 2 and 3 hours before sunset. Just make sure you leave enough time for any delays, as well as couple portraits at sunset.

It will depend on the options of the venue, villa or hall where you decide to celebrate your wedding. Sometimes this is not an option!

Outdoor ceremonies

It is a pre ceremony encounter between the bride and groom in a more private setting, it doesn't have to be a scenic moment, it can be simple and genuine.

It has these advantages.

- It calms the anxiety, it is definitely a great way to break the nerves and enjoy a few moments alone. It gives you time to be real, hug or laugh endlessly.

- It can be accompanied by more intimate votes.

- We can take the opportunity to make some portraits with the closest family.



In the movies there are always tons of problems on the wedding day, in reality, the main cause of stress is delays and sadly this happens a lot. The moment when the make-up starts is so important.

I recommend that you have 45 minutes, between the time you are ready and the time the ceremony starts or we have to leave to attend the location where the ceremony will take place. Keep in mind that some dresses take a long time to put on, leave at least 15-20 minutes just to put on the dress.


Try to choose a spacious and bright place for your preparations. Many venues have nice areas where you can do your make-up and hair. It can be a great option to avoid moving that day.

You can also book a room in a historical hotel or Airbnb that is close to the venue. The window light is the best, I recommend not using lamps or artificial light whenever possible.

Choose a bright room for your makeup

The more people with you, the better.

The more people who join you in the preparations, the better. Don't be afraid to invite your close family or best friends. The wedding has already started.

Groom in a motorcycle

Just like the bride, I think the groom should also be accompanied, whether it's his friends, his groomsmen and of course, his family.

Same for him

Keep the area clean and nice

Everything you don't need, including bags, suitcases should be in another room or closet. Beauty is in simplicity.

Keep all the details together and in one bag. Rings, jewelry, invitation, shoes, etc. You'll save time and you won't have to look for them that day.

time to put on the dress

The moment of putting on the dress is usually a very emotional moment, because usually it's someone you love who helps you with the job but obviously it's your choice if you want the photographer to capture the moment. If it makes you uncomfortable, I'll just wait outside.


Having an "Unplugged" wedding is a growing trend, basically it consists of asking your guests to turn off their cameras and cell phones during the ceremony.

You can include a small notice on the invitations or you can also include a sign on the wedding day near the place where the ceremony will take place. I have seen many times, so many close relatives see the whole event through the cell phone and I honestly think they are missing out

* Your guests will really enjoy the moment.

* As a bride or groom, you'll see smiles, tears, kisses flying and more reactions instead of just seeing cell phones.

* Guests won't ruin the photos of your official photographer, plus the photos will have much more impact.

* You will avoid the risk of guests ringing their cell phones in the middle of the ceremony.

* Although occasionally a photo taken by a guest can be a great one, usually the quality of those photos are not so great.

It’s a good idea to make a list of family portraits so you don’t miss anyone important, if it’s a big list, you can ask a family member to help you gather the people. This will speed up the process.

Keep in mind that the portraits with elderly people, it is advisable to do them right after the ceremony or during the cocktail, they usually leave the party very soon and I think it is very important to have them.

Family portraits matter

Don't call it a session, it's a few minutes for both of us on your wedding day. Breathe together and observe your loved ones from a distance. See all that joy and all those amazing people laughing together. They're there for you.

Live these few minutes with your dose of magic. We're not just there to take pictures, we're there for a deeper meaning.

Feeling good with your chosen vendors for the day is very important too, from the makeup artist to the florist, everyone is important.

Try to choose people you feel comfortable with and get along with. If you wish, I will gladly send you a list of recommended vendors, that in my subjective opinion they also love what they do.