Hi, I'm Daniel


I must be honest, it wasn’t that simple to write these lines about who I am, I wanted to be as transparent and real as possible. I feel that I am in a constant search for meaning, in what I do, in the people I love. In everything.

Daniel Maldonado

My first wedding was a several years ago, in July 2013 to be exact.

And it's been quite a journey, I've learned that photography forces you to be present. The future and the past disappear, the fear and anxieties go away, there is nothing else in your mind, just looking for that picture. Ahhh! When you get it, what a feeling! That's what caught me, all the things that happen the seconds before I click.

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Learning to observe again, to see beauty. And yes, in places like this picture is very straightforward but you can really see beauty anywhere, and after a while, you begin to see it in people who pass through your life.

I really don't think it's about images, I'm not here just to show up with a camera and shoot. I want to create an experience together, I want to be able to capture what you really are and somehow pay tribute to your story. Telling it without poses or scripts.

It inspires me to see love, it sounds a bit cheesy, I know, but you can't imagine that feeling, it's like the tickle after a good film or when you open an old photo album. I think we ALL could and should be more real and vulnerable.

Me photographing the stars


Let’s be friends. Let’s create something meaningful together.