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It’s really all about your story and your experience! And I think the wedding is a day that goes much further than just taking pictures, that day is not for posing in front of the camera, I think especially that day should not be a day for forced smiles or posing. The meaning should go much further.

I know you probably haven’t been a bride or groom before, so I try to be as helpful as possible. It’s a win, win. As I try not to force anything, if I can put my bit during the process to make your experience more intense and beautiful on that day. Your photos will be too and will reflect how you really are.

Photography is just the language I use to tell your story. The idea is that someday in the future, when you look at those pictures again, you will be able to feel the whole day as it happened.  I want even the new generations to be able to see, feel and relive those emotions as they happened, that’s why I intend to think of the wedding as a story. Where photography is just the language



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